Students spend 36 hours building anything they can imagine, and take breaks to interact with technology visionaries, founders, and find new mentors. They meet with the hottest, most sought-after companies in the world who vie for hackers' attention. For MHacks, students give up a weekend of partying to invest a weekend in their personal growth by learning something new, and creating solutions to problems they see in the world. 

MHacks isn't just a hackathon -- it's a community of people who have ideas and build them.


- Teams may include up to four members.

- All hacks must be built at MHacks X by registered participants. Unregistered hackers will not be allowed to participate.

- Remote participation is not allowed.


Judging will be divided into seven different categories of hacks. Upon completion of their hack, participants will self-designate the best category in which they wish to be judged. These seven categories are based on the cortex model of MHacks:

    • iOS
    • Android
    • Web Development
    • Game Design
    • Hardware
    • VR/AR
    • AI/ML


Students and teams may not enter into more than one of the above seven categories. To promote fairness, students must briefly justify the category they chose.

Hackathon Sponsors


$55,950 in prizes

MHacks Grand Prize

$400 Delta (Airline of your choice) Gift Card

ICE Orb Levitating/Floating Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

*All prizes are for EACH team member

MHacks 2nd Place Prize

Echo Show

Myo Gesture Control Armband

MHacks 3rd Place Prize

$75 Excitation Gift Card

Amazon Kindle

Tech/Travel Backpack

THE COOLEST NEW DRIVING XPERIENCE IDEA - HONDA! To win the Exclusive NSX Launch Control Experience and other exciting prizes

Get creative by designing the DRIVING EXPERIENCE of tomorrow -
For you By You! Its all about open Innovation so no restrictions on APIS or SDKS! Yes! All ideas are fair game in the new mobility world! Your Exciting Ideas + An Automotive Twist = The Winner of The All Exclusive Acura NSX Launch Control Experience plus other prizes! Get ready for the craziest acceleration of your life in a closed loop test circuit and experience the power of dreams! Happy Hacking!

1517 - Most Unique Hack (3)

$1,000 Grant from 1517

$5k in AWS Credit

Best Use of Blackrock API

Drones for each team member!

Capital One - Best Financial Tech Hack

$200 Amazon Giftcard for each team member

Best IoT Hack

Dremel 3D40 3D Printer (1 per team member, up to 4)

Best Cloudflare App

1) all app teams who submit a Cloudflare App for moderation will receive Cloudflare Apps mugs

2) The Best Cloudflare App team receives invites to the 2018 Cloudflare Internet Summit (exclusive event featuring industry thought leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, and researchers discussing the future of the Internet; tickets are usually $500)

DRW - Best Use of Machine Learning

4x Google Homes

Goldman Sachs - Best Data Visualization

Spectacles or Apple TV!

Best use of Microsoft Technology

Up to 4 Surface Pros

Best use of the Mixmax API

Architecture Lego Set

Qualtrics - Best Use of Data Visualization

4x $200 Amazon Gift Card

Best use of Twilio API

5x Build your own Bot Kit

Best Use of Wolfram API

One year of Wolfram|One and Wolfram|Alpha Pro and a $100 gift card for each member of the team

Best use of Hasura

$200 Amazon Giftcards
$1000 Hasura credit

Amazon Web Services - Best Use of AWS

$250 Amazon Web Services Credit

Best Domain Name from

Raspberry Pi & PiHut Essential Kit

Best Use of Google Cloud Compute / Big Data Products

4 Google Homes, 4 Google Cardboards, and $1500 in GCP Credits

Best Google Cloud Machine Learning API Hack

4 Google Homes, 4 Google Cardboards, and $2500 in GCP Credits

Hardware Prize

Bag of candy

a16z Most Innovative Hack

$100 Airbnb Giftcards!

GIPHY Best Use of Giphy API

Each winning team member will get a $100 AMAZON GC + Echo Dot device

Best Hack Supporting Facebook's Mission: "Bring the World Closer Together"

An all expensed trip to Facebook's headquarters to participate in Facebook's Global Hackathon!

Best Transportation-related Hack

Each winning team member will get a $100 AMAZON GC + Echo Dot device

Best Use of

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Kevin Duan

Kevin Duan

Judging Criteria

  • Technical ability
  • Creativity
  • Usefulness/Impactfulness
  • Design

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